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Monday, June 26, 2017
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History / Facilities

A note from Senior Pastor David L. Baker
     It is our earnest desire that our ministry would touch your life.  First Baptist Church of Belton was founded in 1872 by 8 families who had fought on both sides of the American Civil War.  Their first action, in forming a new church, was to forgive each other. Today, this great church still characterizes that spirit of forgiveness.  For almost 149 years the church has operated under its original statement of faith, The New Hampshire Confession (revised 1857).  The church body has also affirmed the Baptist Faith and Message of 1927, 1963 and 2000, and is affiliated with the Heritage Southern Baptist Association, the Missouri Baptist Convention, and the Southern Baptist Convention.
      With only 3 Senior Pastors since 1948, the church has a history of long and effective Pastorates.  Few pastors have had the wonderful opportunity I have had to lead such a kind, and sacrificial group of believers.  In addition, this is a church that loves to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others.  Over the last 30 years we have seen the Lord work, resulting in over 6,000 professions of faith and more than 2,500 Baptisms.  We simply love to see people come to a real faith in Jesus Christ.  It is our heartbeat.
       First Baptist Church is known for its strong support of developmental Christian education and currently owns and operates Heartland Christian Schools.  Heartland Christian Schools was founded in 1984, and serves students K-3 through grade 12.  The school is one of the strongest academic private schools in the nation, and is fully accredited.  Teaching academic subjects from a Biblical worldview, the school is known for its small teacher/student ratio, and for its outreach to international students.  The High School is also the Class I Scholar Bowl Champions for 2010 and 2011, and is participating in the National Scholar Bowl Championships in Atlanta, Georgia.  Support from the church has allowed the school to keep tuition relatively low. 
For more information on our school, search the website or contact us at (816)331-1000 for an appointment.  We do offer financial assistance to families who qualify.  We believe we offer the best in academics and Biblical training at a very reasonable price.  Contact us soon.  Classes are filling.
Yours in Christ's Service,
David L. Baker
 A Rich History Pushing Us Forward...

In the spring 1872, a few committed Christians met in the Hawkins School House south of Belton, for the purpose of founding a new Baptist church. There were eight families who united together to build this church. Four of the families had fought with the South during the Civil War. The other four families had fought with the North.

With the help of the Blue River Baptist Association, these families united together to establish a new work that would minister in an area that had been devastated by the Civil War.

The new work, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, flourished and grew, eventually moving to the small village of Belton, and assuming the name: First Baptist Church of Belton. Through the years this church has maintained its Baptist heritage, still operating under the original statement of faith, handwritten in the original church minutes of 1872.

After meeting in the school house for a number of years the church moved to Main Street in Belton. Today, the Bank of Belton occupies what was once the First Baptist Church. In 1972 First Baptist built it's current location on eleven acres of land. Today, we have a 900+ seat auditorium, a full-size gymnasium with bleachers, a soccer complex, a walking trail, and full-size playground facilities.

In recent years, our church has become a regional church, ministering to the southern metro-plex of Kansas City, and assuming the name Heartland Family Ministries: First Baptist Church of Belton. We invite you to discover the rich heritage of Heartland Family Ministries. Discover how your family can become a part of an historical ministry, making a difference through the power of Jesus Christ for future generations.