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Monday, June 26, 2017
Where Jesus Is Lord!

Student Life


Student LIFE is for YOU!!

Led by Youth Director Christian Smith

STUDENT LIFE OFFERS...Challenging Bible Study Groups...Lock-ins...Strange Olympics...World's of Fun...Concerts...Mission Trips...Summer Camps...Paint-Ball...Bon-Fire Parties...Movies...Pizza Parties...Video Scavenger Hunts...Hide-and-Seek Nights...and much, much more...


You should never wait to start serving Jesus and fellowshipping with other believers.  Here at student LIFE, loving Jesus with all our hearts, souls, and minds is the NUMBER ONE REASON we meet together.  We come together to learn how to live lives that are holy and pleasing to Him so that we can display our gratitude for what He did for us on that cross 2,000 years ago.

The Bible not only tells us to love God with every part of ourselves, but we are to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.  We are to fellowship with one another lifting each other above ourselves.

This is what student life is all about; loving God and each other.   


Student LIFE Bible Study - Every Sunday @ 9:00am
Join Student LIFE leaders Christian Smith, Tammy Atcheson, and Mary Creason as they offer a unique and thoughtful approach to studying God's word. You will discover the truth and history of the Bible and you will discover how it applies to your life today! Junior High & Senior High classes offered.

Student LIFE Edge - Every Wednesday @ 6:30pm Join Student LIFE each Wednesday night for fun, games, and an encouraging devotion that challenges teens to follow Christ.