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Monday, June 26, 2017
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2nd Grade School Supply List

Your child will need the following supplies for school. Please arrange for your child to have these supplies by the first day of school. THE ONLY ITEMS SECOND GRADERS NEED TO HAVE THEIR NAME CLEARLY MARKED ON ARE THEIR: BIBLE, SCHOOL BAG, ZIPPERED PENCIL BAGS, AND OUTERWEAR (both first and last).

*New King James Bibles will be available for purchase at the school office.

*New King James Bible
Pointed Metal Scissors that cut well
1 Box of 24 Crayons
1 Box wide Markers (reg. colors)
Box of Colored Pencils (24 or less)
12 Brown Wooden only #2 Lead Pencils
2 Zippered Pencil Bags (no school boxes)

1 Large Eraser (good one)
4 Glue Sticks
1 Bottle of White School Glue
3 Durable Folders
School Bag
2 boxes Kleenex - Lg 200 count or more
Wet Wipes for face & hands - Not personal size - Not disinfectant

Please do not bring any extra items that are not on the list. No mechanical pencils.

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