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Monday, June 26, 2017
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Jr. & Sr. High Supply List

Your child will need the following supplies for school. Most or all of these supplies can be purchased in large department stores, discount stores, drug stores, etc. Please arrange for your child to have these supplies by the first day of school. PLEASE CLEARLY MARK ALL SCHOOL SUPPLIES, SCHOOL BAG, COATS AND SWEATERS WITH YOUR CHILD'S NAME (both first and last).

*New American Standard Bible-Updated Edition will be available for purchase at the school office.

*New American Standard Bible-Updated Edition
Loose-leaf lined Notebook Paper
Webster's New World Dictionary (paper back)
3-Ring Loose-leaf Notebook with Dividers and Index Tab
School Bag for carrying these supplies 
6 #2 Lead Pencils
Blue or Black Ink Pens
Box of Kleenex
Orchestra Students: 3-ring black binder

(Individual teachers will give specific supply lists for their classes.)

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