Heartland Christian School
At Heartland Christian School, we are on mission to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every person.
It is our stated intention to REACH as many people as possible, to TEACH them the Bible and solid academics integrated into a Christian worldview, to WIN them to a personal faith in Jesus Christ, and to help them DEVELOP into growing Christians, contributing citizens, and outstanding leaders.
Heartland Christian School is owned, operated, and governed by Heartland Family Ministries: First Baptist Church of Belton.
Heartland is dedicated to a ministry of academic instruction, evangelism, and nurturing.
Our goal is “that in all things He (Christ) might have the preeminence” Colossians 1:18.
We invite you to discover how you can have what we call…
Important September Dates:
September 22 – Donuts with Dad, 7:30am
September 23 – School Picture Day
September 26 – 1st School Task Force Meeting, 4:30pm
Upcoming Sports Events
Sept. 21: Away Game at CPRS
  • 4:00pm: Varsity Boys’ Soccer
  • 5:00pm: Junior High Girls’ Volleyball
  • 6:00pm: Varsity Girls’ Volleyball
September 23: “Away” Game vs. OCE
  • 5:30pm: Junior High Girls’ Volleyball
September 24-25: CFS Tournaments
Varsity Girls’ Volleyball
Varsity Boys’ Soccer
810 S. Cedar St., Belton, MO 64012
School Year Office Hours: Mon.-Fri., 8:00am-4:00pm
(816) 331-1000