Pastor David L. Baker

Sunday evening, Nov. 29, 2020, Pastor David L. Baker went on to be with the Lord.  While this is cause for much rejoicing in Heaven, he will be deeply missed here.  This last August marked Pastor’s 39th year as Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Belton, MO.  Heartland Christian Schools, which Pastor led the church to found in 1984, is currently in its 37th year of operation.  Through these two ministries alone, more than 6,000 people have accepted Christ, and Pastor was able to lead well over 2,000 in believer’s baptism.  While Pastor Baker has had a tremendous impact on countless more lives than this, we ask that you take special care to remember his family in your prayers. 
Pastor is survived by his wife, Claire Huhn Baker; his three children, Brian, Brett, and Brooke; his nine grandchildren, Kaylinn, Grant, Rose, Aden, Carter, Addison, Victoria, Mathias, and Zavier; his parents, Pat and Vern Baker; and his brother, Mark Baker. 
Knowing that Pastor cared so deeply for Heartland Christian School, his family has set up the David L. Baker Memorial Fund, which will benefit the school and its students.  If you wish to donate to this fund, please, make the checks out to Heartland Family Ministries, and mark the memorial fund on the note line. Donations may be mailed to 810 South Cedar, Belton, MO 64012 attention David L. Baker Memorial Fund. Donations may also be made online through the Donate tab in the menu above on this website. 
If you wish to send cards to Pastor Baker’s family, these may also be mailed to the church.