Tuition and Fee Schedule
Ask us about our scholarship program and our income based tuition assistance. 

Tuition and Fee Schedule: 2020-2021


      Application Fee: For new students only                                    $120.00/student

                                                                                     $20/each student after


      Enrollment Fee: For New and returning families

    1st Phase                  February 11-March 16           $185.00/family

    2nd Phase                 March 17- April 20               $185.00/family

    3rd Phase                 April 21 and after                 $185.00/family


Book Usage Fee                                               

                         K4                                                                     $ 85.00/student

                         K5                                                                     $150.00/student

                         1st – 12th                                                            $300.00/student


Activity Fee   

     K4, K5                                                               $150.00/student

                         1st – 8th                                                             $250.00/student

                         9th – 12th                                                           $300.00/student


       Technology Fee                                               

                         K4 – 12th                                                           $ 75.00/student


Tuition Fee                            K4, K5             1st – 6th              7th– 8th               9th– 12th

          First (Oldest) Child            $6,095.00         $6,857.00          $6,949.00            $7,040.00

          Second Child                     $4,876.00         $5,486.00          $5,559.00            $5,632.00

          Third Child                       $3,657.00          $4,114.00          $4,169.00            $4,224.00

          Fourth Child                      $2,438.00         $2,743.00          $2,780.00            $2,816.00

Any additional children will be charged at the Fourth Child rate.

 Other Fees    

     Orchestra Class                                                      $70.00/semester

                        Instrumental (School Owned) Usage Fee                   $150.00/year

     Choir                                                                     $55.00/semester

     Science Lab Fee (Senior High)                                  $85.00/semester

                        Athletic Teams                                                 

                              Varsity                                                             $175.00/sport

                              Junior Varsity & Junior High                               $100.00/sport

                              Elementary Sports                                             to be determined

                       Non-attendance at PTA Meetings                               $55.00/occurrence

                       Elective Classes                                                        to be determined

                       Graduations (12th Grade)                                           $200.00/student


Please contact the school office for availability and cost of Before & After School Care

Financial Assistance is available