Tuition and Fee Schedule
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Tuition and Fee Schedule: 2023-2024


      Application Fee: For new students only                                    $120.00/student

                                                                                     $40/each student after


      Enrollment Fee: For New and returning families

    1st Phase                  February 1 – Feb. 28            $185.00/family

    2nd Phase                 March 1 – April 4                  $260.00/family

    3rd Phase                 April 5 and after                   $385.00/family

This year, we are continuing the payment schedule which consolidates the fees for book usage, technology, and activities with the tuition. 
This allows families to quickly see the cost of attending without having to know the particulars of the student’s class schedule or participation in extracurricular activities.
It should allow each family to better budget their cost for the year due to a consistent monthly amount while also preventing additional fees from being a barrier to students who wish to participate in any offering of the school, whether it be academic, fine arts, activities, or sports.  Please consult the chart below:


Consolidated Tuition Schedule

                                           Full Day K3-K5    1st – 5th             6th– 8th             9th– 12th       

          First (Oldest) Child            $7,112.00         $8,179.00          $8,535.00            $8,819.00

          Second Child                     $5,761.00         $6,625.00          $6,913.00            $7,144.00

          Third Child                       $4,338.00          $4,989.00          $5,207.00            $5,380.00

          Fourth Child                      $3,058.00         $3,517.00          $3,670.00            $3,792.00

Any additional children will be charged at the Fourth Child rate.
Half-days may be available for K3 and K4 students, with the tuition being $4,552/year, but this will need to be arranged with the principal and the finance office and is not expected to be the norm.
In addition to the fees associated with enrollment, there will be a few fees which are left separate from the consolidated tuition and applied individually as they are incurred.  These are for specific, one-time events such as sports travel or the services listed below:

 Other Fees    

Instrumental (School Owned) Usage Fee                   $150.00/year

                          Graduations (12th Grade)                                         $200.00/student


Please contact the school office for availability and cost of Before & After School Care

Financial Assistance is available