Why Choose Heartland Christian School?

Fully Accredited

BY ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International)
NCA – North Central Accrediting
When your student receives a diploma from Heartland High School your student is receiving a document that is accepted all over the country. Our graduates have been accepted to schools like UMKC, KU, Loyola, C of O, MBTS, MU, MSU and many more. The above accrediting agencies have certified that we have a program that prepares young people to succeed in today’s colleges and universities and puts them on a winning track to handle whatever the world may throw at them.


Students in kindergarten through grade six are
thoroughly served by Heartland Christian School. In their classes, with a limited teacher to student ratio, children are given the tools that they will need to tackle the challenging upper-level curriculum. They learn to read, to do mathematics, and to think analytically. All of these skills will be profoundly called upon by the rigors of both junior high and high school courses, but also in every aspect of life.

Jr High & High School

In the junior high and high school, we are extremely proud of our tradition of providing a quality Christian education in an environment which lends itself to developing a full liberal arts educational experience. It is our desire that each of our students will grow academically as well as developing a strong Christian world view. It is also our desire that as a part of their education here at Heartland that each student comes to know and understand where they stand in their relationship to Jesus Christ. To that end, we are committed to providing students with a caring environment while also maintaining high academic standards and strong Biblical morals and ideals.
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Test Scores

At Heartland Christian School our students’ standardized test scores are consistently outstanding. Standardized testing is an unbiased way to examine how well a school is preparing its students for the future. Once again, our scores demonstrate the effectiveness of our program. Our school average recently scored two and a half years above grade level.

Fun & Family Atmosphere

Here at Heartland, academics are number one. But without having any fun, instruction can become tedious, and when students get bored, grades can slide. 
Here at Heartland we try and have fun and fill the weeks with activities, field trips, special emphasis days, and creative classroom projects, so that our students’ minds are constantly stimulated with new and exciting things.

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Pastor David Baker, our late chancellor, recorded a 4-part YouTube series on the importance and history of a Christian education. Please click the links below to watch the videos.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it”
Proverbs 22:6
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