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Tuition & Fees

Below, you will find all the information you need in order to be financially prepared to enroll your student at Heartland. You will find information regarding fees for the application and enrollment process as well as tuition rates for students K-12. Click the button below to download a PDF of all the information below.

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Application & Enrollment Fees

Application Fee (new students only):

$120 for the first student, $40 per each subsequent student.

Enrollment Fees (for new and returning students):

Phase 1               February 1 - 28                    $185.00/family

Phase 2               March 1 – April 4                 $260.00/family

Phase 3               April 5 and after                   $385.00/family

Other Fees:

In addition to the fees associated with enrollment, there will be a few fees which are left separate from the consolidated tuition and applied individually as they are incurred.  These are for specific, one-time events such as sports travel or the services listed below:


Instrumental (School Owned) Usage Fee                 $150.00/year

Graduations (12th Grade)                                         $200.00/student

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